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Huttball today:

I have the ball, I have ONE fire pit to pass, Shroud,deflection,CC breaker and force speed are all ready. Fire is down, I move toward the endzone and activate Shroud and deflection, some1 stun me, I'm like WUT DA FAK!!! but hey CC breaker is ready so...1 sec after it,an other stun, Shroud was STILL up. Result: I die and my team doesnt score.

2nd time, I have the ball and I have two fire pit to pass Shroud,deflection,CC breaker and force speed are all ready. But this time a save Shroud for the second fire pit, I pass the two pits, I'm close to the endzone, I pop Shroud to avoid any pull/stun, 1 sec after shroud is activated some1 pull me into the fire and stun me.

We lost 1-2 in this game, I hate to loose ranked games that way.

Fix it please
not all stuns are force/tech. Low slash and spike for assassins is not force/tech stun, leg shot for agents is not teh/force.
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