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11.27.2012 , 07:19 AM | #6
"of course railshot has 90% ap, but it makes only around 23%(if you get every procc) of the pts damage. the rest of the pts damage consists of flamburst/dots and rocketpunch/td/rapidshots(no armor penetration at all)"

1: Of course in this case I am refering to the power tech and not the merc. since flameburst is a powertech ability. I apologize for using pt instead of Powertech as it seems to cause confusion.

2: A smasher having a single target is the "worst" senario in terms of warzone chart damage, but not necessarily in terms of usefulness. As most often you want to burst down targets fast and not spam aoes just to get high numbers at the end of the WZ. Or wouldnt you attack a healer on half health instead of jumping in the middle of the fight and smash those full healed up targets?

3: are you really thinking a free casting sorc will have higher single target dumbers? 65% damage of a madness sorc is energy damage will not receive any armor penetration whatsoever (only 35% internal). The sorc I tested in the same scenario was around 25% lower in dmg than all other three classes so I did not list it due to the fact that it was out of competition from the scratch in this certain situation (aka Tank killing).

and to the last comment - the buff to rage is ridiculous, I dont think anyone playing a lot of PvP and interested in balance will honestly deny it. And I am not at all trying to say that Arsenal Mercs are overpowered not even saying that they are 'balanced' but merely looking for specific uses for them as I do like the playstyle and think that playing the overpowered Smash classes is boring.