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Something to justify the rather serious 3 minute cooldown on it.
For tanks, Kolto Overload/Adrenaline Rush has a 2 min CD (unless you didn't take the rather obvious tier 3 talent that also improves absorb by 4%), which is pretty much standard for the self healing CDs. Instead of having it do something as disturbingly powerful as cleanse with each tick (Resilience is the only tank CD that does anything like that and it simply cleanses once at activation; cleansing with each tick would functionally make you immune to DoTs for a full 10 seconds), it would be more useful to have it frontload the self heal so that you don't have to wait the full 10 seconds to see decent returns out of it. As it stands, you really have to burn Adrenaline Rush when you *expect* to be low on hp rather than simply being low on hp because, if you already are, you've pretty much used it too late already. My recommendation would be for it to be switched to something closer to Battle Readiness: 10% heal immediately and the remaining 5% over the course of the next 10 seconds (Battle Readiness accomplishes pretty much the same thing, except the secondary healing is a static quantity that simply is approximately of 5% of max health).

Even so, just doing that wouldn't really address the CD discrepancy that VGs have (especially since none of the "heal CDs" are really all that effective), though that's part of the whole VG design theme: simplicity. It would be great if they got another survivability CD (possibly one that gives them some degree of F/T Resistance), but it's not likely since VGs were designed to be simple tanks and the devs have largely stuck to that.
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