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Goint tanky is not a bad choice per se, you're somewhat more resilient and with Malavai Quinn as your healer you can outlast a lot of enemies. The only drawback is that you kill them slower than another damage dealer role.

This said, if you prefer to do damage, by all means switch to vengeance or rage (both should be viable for leveling).

Regarding your companion, Malavai Quinn is the "go to" companion for all warriors, as a healer is easier to play with (personally I leveled as a tank with Vette because I loved her and her comments on everything my warrior did, but gameplay wise it made for interesting fights "kill them fast before I die").
However, he won't be healing you 100% of the time if you don't disable his offensive skills and stun, so you may want to uncheck these to make sure he only heals.

For your gear, as a damage dealer you want to change them to strength as your primary stat, and pick up critical, surge and power as your secondary stats.
The best way to do this would be to go do heroics (either on alderaan or tatooine. Since you're 31, you may be able to do the H2 of tatooine solo) and run flashpoints to pick up quality pieces of equipment.

Regarding credits, you can try doing space missions (if you like them). The heroics are also a good source of money (if you don't die...). Unless you're knowledgeable with crafting, it is true that sending your companions on missions will hurt your finance so you may want to put that on hold while you re-gear yourself.

Gameplay wise, when you engage combat don't forget that as a juggernaut you don't have any cc, but you can stun ennemis with your intimidating shout for a few seconds, so they won't hit you during that time.
Also, try to kill the weakest ennemies first, keeping the big ones for last. They all do about the same amount of damage, so the fastest you thin their numbers, the less damage you'll take. If you run with Malavai as your healer, make sure also to smash and hit all the enemies before focusing on your target. By doing this, you're making sure that they will all hit you instead of shooting at your healer, who will be busy healing himself instead of concentrating on you (This is true for tanking with real players too!)

Good luck!
If you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.