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I'm guessing any feedback is meant to go into this forum...

So, if you support attachments or get yourself into a relationship of some sort, you get Dark Side points. Based on lore this is just incredibly wrong.

Now, I understand that attachments are against the Jedi Code in this era, but the Code is a man-made set of rules separate from the nature of the Force. In both the movies and expanded universe we see attachments of several natures commonplace that clearly don't inherently lead to the Dark Side. Uncontrolled emotion can of course lead a person to the Dark Side but that assumes they're unable to act rationally despite it. Big assumption. The Jedi of this era want to play it safe and ban such attachments, but that doesn't make them inherently Dark.

Just to give a few examples of attachments in the movies and EU that turned out fine:
- Obi-wan and Anakin (Obi-wan even says Anakin is like a brother to him, but still does what's necessary)
- Arguably a great many master-padawan couplings
- Luke and Leia
- Leia and Han
- Nejaa Halcyon married with children (Corran Horn's grandfather)
- Many others with Jedi ancestors, including Kam Solusar and Kyle Katarn
- Corran Horn and Mirax (+children)
- Kam and Tionne Solusar
- Luke and Mara Jade

In fact it was the emotional attachment between Luke and his father that lead to Anakin's redemption.

Point being: emotional attachment isn't inherently Dark. Making poor decisions as a result of jealousy, anger, or sadness, is.

If you want the Jedi Masters to scold our characters for embracing relationships, that's fine. That makes sense for the era. But there should *not* be Dark/Light Side points at play with it.
No, emotional attachment in itself is not Dark. However... it leads to Passion. And if you know your Sith, you know how they feel about Passion. (I'm not talking about horncanine lust alone here so bear with me please)

If you love someone you will always _react_ when something threatens them, which gives emotions a leeway into your otherwise calm, serene mindscape to create quite a lot of havoc. I'm guessing _that_ is why it's DS points - if you attach yourself you immediately open yourself up to a battle between emotions and sense, between doing your duty and abandoning it to protect the one who means the most to you.
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