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11.27.2012 , 05:43 AM | #1
Hello everyone, i think this is my first forum entry, although i got the game for last christmas and only played for a month. Back then i did not really care about minmaxing my char (who now is a lvl 31 Jugg), i went tanky, which turned out to be a bad idea, as for one leveling with a tank is not so much fun, also im not very good at tanking either (mostly because my computer is kinda crappy, so lags). So when i resubbed this month i wanted to respec, luckily my points were refunded at my return and i went vengeance (all veng, 3 points in immortal). Now to my problems:

I am on Alderaan and basically getting my *** handed to me, right now im trying to do a mission where you have to collect some poison (i think) and a 3X mob with a silver droid kills me. Now i realize that my gear is still tanky (all of it is +end), so my first Q would be if i should swap that out for +str gear? If yes, what should i get at lvl 31? I do not have a lot of money as sending my crew for artificing, treasure hunting and archeology took away tons of money, also i was buying lot of useless crap. Is there maybe something i could farm for gear (or blueprints for artificing)?

I'm using the healer dude as companion ATM (his name escapes me, its the imperial guy, who would have intercourse with the Empire if that was possible with an interplanetary entity), should i use someone else? Also would rage be better for lvling than vengeance? If yes i would really appeciate a build for lvl 31 (also for veng BTW).

Now i know that is a lot of questions, i'm sure that i'm forgetting some stuff aswell but any help would be much appreciated.