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11.27.2012 , 03:57 AM | #40
Holy macaroni, stop with the damn crying all ready.

We've all been farmed at some point; its not like we had fully optimized WH gear when we started playing warzones. No; we got farmed by ppl that outgeared us, but learnt a damn lesson doing it, aswell farmed our own gear. So what; now i am fully optimized, i crit you recruit f**kers for 6k++, i crit WH ppl for the same amounts, again so what, i spent countless hours optimizing my gear, and farming warzones playing with both good groups, sh** groups and with premades also vs. premades. Had my *** handed to me several times; but never nerdraged about it on the forums.

So your telling me that dedicated hardcore pvp'ers cant go normals as a group? that we should "get a life"? Well my friend; fu** you; and fu** your opinions on what you think is fair. I like winning, and if a have an option wether to choose 3 other ppl that are hardcore pvp'ers like me, over solo queing (wich i also do quite frequently) then i will que with my friends, we will talk over TS, and we will roflstomp your *** and /lol about it in the chat.

If you want to counter us, well get a premade by your self and lets take it to the warzones?

"go ranked you propvpversdudes".. no, and again fu** you; cuz of crybabies like you the few guilds that actully que for ranked wz get pop maybe 3-4 times a nite, that is if one of the other (in total maybe 5) guilds have enough ppl to que; and trust me, we'd rather go ranked then to play with your sorry a*s.

If i could encurage more ppl to que for ranked somehow i would; but you que once, get spawnfarmed and quit; and ofc your gonna cry about it when theres 4 of us, coming to normals, vs the 8 of you. holy cow this post is frustrating.

Heres an advice you can take with you in your life in general; when something is hard or unfair, you should think of ways to beat it or rise above it, not go cry like a little *****.

PS. i don't hear you complaining when you happen to join wz that has a premade on your team, and roflstomp the other team? But i guess thats just fine seeing how you got free points not having to do any of the work.
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