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@iamthehoyden hahaha, Ukaita is the best <3. Errand boys with great assets FTW.

As to what happened to Vector I wrote a drabble that explains how he ended up that way here it's the Alderaan one.

@bright I was so sad at the canon scene you used for Hysteresis I had hoped Wynston's presence would bring a better outcome but it made sense that he wouldn't know what she was like now and that there would be nothing he could do to stop her. Believing that the Jedi deserved to die because they couldn't see the traitor in their midst UGH (so sad!), and I really love how Wynston refuses to treat his bruises to remind them both of what she's becoming.

@Striges Thanks! I think part of the reason I wrote this universe was to make something good out of one of the worst experiences in the game (that darn serum!).

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