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I know this has been said a million times!!!!!

1. Break up the ques and put the premades in were they are supposed to the raided...dont give me that crap about long premade que times...if all the premades were where they are supposed to be, the ques would be shorter.

2. When are you going to install a warden program to catch the hacks? they are out of control....we haxs cookies and yes are out of control on the harbringer...if you arent smart enough to make it on your own, buy the royalties from WoW and get it moving pls.

You are hemoraging your subing players...pvp is still dieing...hackers never get perma banned...guess its time for all of us to start hacking to make it fair again.
Do you have any proof because I don't see any? All the people on here complaining about hacks, yet they can't even show a video or a screenshot of some sort.

This guy probably gets beat down all the time on his server. Furthermore, he probably doesn't understand the mechanics of the game. Here is some advice.... Get your own premade and open up to people. It's an MMO. It's ment to be played with others. If you want to play by yourself, go buy elder scolls or something. Most importantly, L2P the game.

LIfe isn't fair, some of the people you game with are going to be better than you. Accept that, and you'll never be upset about playing an online game again.