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11.27.2012 , 02:52 AM | #34
I have no CC problems, but I have been watching the CS forum since F2P came out. Not one person has posted that they have got their missing CC.

Here is the most common story I've been reading:

People are told to call CS. The automated phone directory gives them an option to wait in a que to talk to a live agent specifically about account billing/CC problems. So they choose that option and sit on hold for hours. One of two things happen next: they are told their call can't be taken and they get hung up on or a customer service agent answers and says that they cannot handle CC problems despite the fact that the customer was told they were waiting in a que exactly for that. The CS agent then proceeds to put them back on hold in the "right" que. After waiting a few more hours, they're told that their call cannot be taken and they're hung up on.