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I got a response from a ticket I put in on the 18th. And they emailed it to me.

Greetings <deleted for my Privacy>,

Thank you for contacting us regarding ticket numbers: 6797524 & 6780826.

Concerning 6780826, I have re-examined this ticket and can confirm that the item you requested restoration on was restored on good faith on 11/14/2012.

Regarding your bind on equip issue in ticket no: 6797524
Unfortunately, your message did not provide enough information for us to be certain of the exact nature of the problem.

Please could you reply to this message and provide additional information about what prompted you to contact us?
Please try to be as specific and detailed as possible, so that we can better identify your issue and offer our assistance.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the more common issues and the type of information required to resolve them below:

"I haven't received my commendations!"

* What type of commendations?

* How many were you supposed to receive?

* Why do you think you did not receive these commendations?

"I accidently bought the wrong item / accepted the wrong quest reward!"

* Which item did you buy/choose?

* How much did you spend on the item?

* Which vendor did you buy from? / What was the mission?

* Which item did you mean to select?

Issue: "I couldn't loot / the boss didn't drop any loot"

* What was the name of the boss or enemy in question?

* What flashpoint / operation / zone was it in?

* What loot were you expecting it to drop?

Since Game Update 1.4: Terror From Beyond, we have taken many steps to make the restoration of items as simple and painless a process as possible for all of our players.
Please see the links below for more information:

Refunds for Purchased Items:
Group Loot Item Transfer:

Remember, you can always search the in-game and online Help Centers for information and assistance.
Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Galactic Support is our specialty…


Here's what I sent back, which should have been enough info to do what needs done, but I'll wait and see what I get for a response. Some people say I'm asking for too much, and others have pm'd me saying I'm not asking for enough. lol.

"Concerning 6780826, I have re-examined this ticket and can confirm that the item you requested restoration on was restored on good faith on 11/14/2012." - Ok, who was it mailed to or whose inventory was it placed into? because I couldn't/can't find it.

"Regarding your bind on equip issue in ticket no: 6797524" - the items in question - Advanced Magenta Indestructible Crystal (+41 Endurance), Spymasters Chest Piece and Spymasters Gloves. These were all done on Wrathan, on the release date of 1.5 . I also, would like the pathfinder's headgear that I equiped on Sorcerer to be removeed and replaced with an unbound version. These pieces of armor/gear had to be equiped so I could 'preview' what it looked like, as the preview function is currently (and was) bugged most everywhere. You can verify that bug in BW/EA own 'known issues' forum. Plus, the 'Intimidate' and the 'Menace' Emote unlocks say they work account wide, but they don't. I would like each of those emotes sent to each character I have to make those emotes 'account wide' as they are advertised.

Also, I would like compensation for the down time of the servers, the errors that Your Companies 'repair' function cause to my computer, the lack of customer service from M0-T0, AND the fact that Orxhitane had all his hotbars reset, trade skills temporarily turned off and other restrictions placed on him as though hie was a FtP character, although NONE of my other characters experienced this bug. I have talked to many people over the last couple of weeks. Some people say there is no way they would stil be sub'd with these issues. Some say a few Cartel coins or cartel items should be given. I'm looking for a not unreasonable amount of compensation. Here's what I want: These items restored/replaced, the Throne Cartel Pack item, and the Ruddy Skined Monkey Lizard for all my toons as well as a 5500 Cartel coin pack. Given all of my issues I have had, I don't believe this to be an unreasonable request. Maybe u can't do all of that, well, ok. I understand. HOWEVER, SOMETHING has to be done to compensate for all the issues and delays that have been created due to EA/BW issues.
Do I actually expect them to give me all that? No, but it would certainly help me smooth things over.
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