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11.27.2012 , 02:32 AM | #12
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Ran another NiM EC tonight. 20% crit rate on the proc.

Interestingly though, i noticed our sentinel with a 30% melee crit rate only got a crit rate of 20% as well with the corrosive injection proc relic.

I ran a few more parses on my gunslinger vs. the ops dummy. Still getting near 40% crit rates with the proc relic to my 20% crit rate with the sage. I actually got a 30% crit rate with the campaign version though I only ran one parse.

Maybe it's just the gunslinger that's broke lol.

Anyone else have any numbers for different classes using this relic to confirm/ refute my theory?

Actually, re-reading I do think I got an explanation, and it would indeed means those relics are broken for force-users.

Its using tech critical rating, regardless of class.

That would be 5%+ critical rating, disregarding your main stat, for around 20%.

Confirm with jug and assassins, and see it tech based class keep an high crit rating on those procs.

Might want to deactivate charges/technique on sins for those, for better result, they share rate limits.