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11.27.2012 , 02:31 AM | #4
I have had a 50 Powertech for a long time and have recently come back to finish up my 43 Juggernaut. I don't have an Assassin yet, but that is going to be the final class I pick up to finish off my buff unlocks.

Between the Powertech and the Juggernaut, the Powertech definitely has less buttons and lower amount of mental focus going towards resource/cooldown management compared to the Juggernaut. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that the Juggernaut gets a lot in return for all the extra work. I do enjoy the increased mobility from Intercede a lot and they definitely have better defensive CDs; overall they're short an entire CD and one of them (Kolto Overload) is really terrible. Besides the CDs and Intercede, most of the time I feel like I prefer the functionality of the Powertech's skillset. Speaking of CDs, I'd really like to see them do something new with Kolto Overload to make it more relevant, maybe have it remove a debuff every time it ticks. Something to justify the rather serious 3 minute cooldown on it.

While I don't have an Assassin yet, looking over them it seems to me that they have slightly less activity and resource management pressure than the Juggernaut, but more player focus taken up by the decision making process during combat.