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Tell Me a Story

When Quinn finally regained consciousness, Ald was there still sitting on the floor. He jumped and immediately regretted the sudden movement. He sucked in a hiss between clenched teeth and clutched at his side. He was surprised that Ald had stayed. He was also surprised that Ald had attacked him in such a manner. Ald was right, he was unstable when the Captain was involved. Perhaps he should have stayed away, but Jaesa, innocent and worried Jaesa begged him to come back to Ald. Things were falling apart on the ship. He was needed. Wanted.

“Malavai?” Ald hedged quietly.

“Captain,” Quinn reminded Ald.

“Right, Captain.” Ald shifted on the floor and spread out his legs. Blood rushed painfully back into the limbs. “How long have you had this wound?”

“Years, my Lord.”

“How is that possible? I have seen you naked plenty of times to notice something as large and… unhealing as this.”

“To be fair, my Lord, I usually had you worked into such a state that your mind was definitely focused on other things,” Quinn quipped quietly.

Ald chuckled softly. “Yes, you were rather good at that.”

“Still am.”

Ald frowned. “Because of earlier?”


“I wasn’t myself.”

“I know, my Lord,” Quinn murmured softly. “As for the wound, I have had it a number of years. I fell victim to a biological weapon during my exile on Balmorra. The pain comes and goes and the flesh is easily replaced.”

“There is no cure?”

“Honestly, I haven’t had the time to look into it. It only flares up every eight months or so. The pain lasts for a few weeks at most, a day at the least. It’s nothing to concern yourself with. I can tend to my duties as normal.”

“I’m surprised I missed something so obvious,” Ald murmured.

“It wasn’t meant to be noticed by anyone, my Lord and it went unnoticed for many years by those around me,” Quinn said evenly.

“Do you remember when you first joined my crew?” Ald asked suddenly.

Quinn smiled wistfully and nodded. “Yes. It was the greatest day of my life.”

“Don’t exaggerate,” Ald chided playfully.

“I’m not. At the very lowest level, my career was reignited. I was finally allowed a promotion after ten years. Ten years of fighting Broysc’s influence. He destroyed my career, my power base, and he stripped me to the lowest rank possible. Had you not come along…”

“But it was all a plan.”

“Part of it, yes. I did not realize I would be promoted. Twice, even. Despite the circumstances you… reignited hope within me.”

Ald smiled. “So, I reignited your hopes and dreams, eh?”


“Tell me more. I’ve never had time to sit and listen to you.”

“Alright, then,” Quinn agreed.

Ald smiled then stood. He missed this. He watched Quinn struggle for a brief moment before pulling the man to his feet with a gentle yank. Quinn nodded gratefully. Ald turned and left the medbay for the galley seating, a silent and obedient Quinn following close behind. As soon as they sat, Quinn started talking. Ald listened and enjoyed the stories and the voice of the speaker.
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