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11.27.2012 , 01:28 AM | #193
People who say that theres no hacks / exploits in pvp are blind or in denial lol
dont pvp alot or are hackers themselves.
ive been pvping since beta alot and have together on all my chars probably over 300 valor
and people are hacking in pvp its obvious..
To the point where pvp almost is no fun anymore.
even a blind man can see the stuff happening these days in pvp.
just google and open your eyes in pvp instead of posting a comment saying theres no hakcs / exploits.
there have been bots made for it even before the game came out ...
why do people get banned for hacking if theres no hacks
the time u take to write a comment "doh theres no hackers" u can google also
and become more informed about whats really going on..
100 % certainty there are exploits / bots / hacks , mainly obvious in pvp
there are big forums where people exchange the info, tools etc...
people who hack / cheat whatever bots in mmos are rightfully banned,
these people need to find a new hobby instead of ruining the games