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Well my preference would be Elara. 4X is perfectly viable, but a bit more difficult to gear, since he needs droid parts, whereas your other pets can just use your obsolete pieces. Still, he is pretty awesome, so I wouldn't blame you for using him! One last note about Elara; not sure if this is still true or not, but I recall much of the gear that drops for her had cunning on it. Ignore that gear...she uses aim.

Managing ammo on a commando is pretty much the bane of our existence, so getting good at that is really important. Remember, the more ammo we have, the faster it regenerates, so you want to keep it at level 4 regen most of the time, and really avoid dropping it lower than level 3. That said, the gunnery talent that makes ammo mgmt. much easier is pretty high up. So you could always go plasma cell/assault tree until you have enough skill points to spec deep into gunnery. Or go gunnery and keep plasma cell until you can get the armor-cell specific traits. Either way, plasma cell + hammer shot is quite a bit of damage with no ammo use.

It has been too long since I leveled my commando, so I can't really help much with a leveling rotation, mostly because I can't remember what skills you get when. But priority is probably high-impact bolt when it is off CD, then full auto off CD, then grav round if you have energy, or hammer shot otherwise. The only real difference between assault and gunnery would be no grav round for assault.

Also, don't be afraid to burn your recharge cells early in the fight. Open up with as much burst as you want until your ammo is gone, then recharge cells, then pay attention to ammo mgmt.

EDIT: corrected reserve power cell to recharge cells, and note about ammo regen.