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I think the system is fine overall.

I play in a hardcore PvP guild and queue up with 4-man pre-made all the time.

On the one hand...
It's good to play against Imperial pre-mades and have a tough fight with a real challenge, sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. That's life. When I queue with 4-man premade this is what happens most of the time actually, i.e. we're usually fighting other pre-mades with only a random PUG here and there to fill up the ranks.

On the other hand...
Every now and then it's also fun to play against complete Imperial Recruit PUG teams. Run up to 3 recruits at a turret, Force Leap, Awe everyone, Pacify and kill first guy with default rotation while other 2 can do nothing, pop Zen, kill 2nd one with Precision Slash, Blade Storm and Blade Rush spam, pop Guarded by the Force + Medpac and finish 3rd with whatever I have left. - It's just fun, what can I say Simply good times with my guildmates and on my Combat Sentinel!
Well folks, we can end the thread now. At least someone finally came forward and said it. I give the guy credit. He didn't try to hide behind "we play in a group because we like the challenge of....grouping...and whatever else that's supposed to mean".
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