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In more detail :

The crafters mentioned above generate augment slot parts when they reverse-engineer their crafted items (which you usually do to learn new schematics). So, you take this augment slot pieces (several of them) and a leaned schematic to create an augment slot (1,2,3,4,5,6). You then have to go to a mod station to add this augment slot to a piece of armor (and pay for it). If you add a mark-1 slot, you can equip mark 1 augments. You then have to replace it with a mark-2 slot to equip mark-2 (better) augments... etc. All this process cost credits galore.

So, lots of work/credits to put the mark-1 on to then replace it with mark-2... you get the story. So most people just wait till the get to mark-6 range and just create/equip the best one. Spend the money once.

As said, if you happen to get an item with already an augment slot on it, hey, more points never hurt. But even then they have to be upgraded to use better augments.
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