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Do you know how a queue works? First in Queue fights the second. If second dodges fighting the first to fight the third, it's queue dodging.

Maybe I'm in a bad mood, but ya'll need to grow up. Now I'm not saying the current system is fine (in fact I've made cases for cross server queue's and better matchmaking), but this blaming people for "not playing where they should" is ********. You can not call people out on "not wanting competition" when it is clear you do not want competition. If you really wanted it, you'd take the few simple steps it takes to be more competitive. But no... most of you would rather blame other people for your failures, and try and "guilt" them into not being so good, so they don't hurt your "widdle feelwings."

Grow up, gear up and group up before you even have a leg to stand on when you try to call out better players.
No. You're wrong, Foxmob is right. Please stop posting but thank you for your mostly worthless contributions and/or bumps to this thread, they are much appreciated. Bump for justice because Premade Vs Pug should not exist, in any way shape or form.

We undeniably need the following:

Cross Realm Function
Adequate Matchmaking
AND <----
Split Queues