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12.20.2011 , 09:32 AM | #13
Group has run this place a couple of times. The above posters are right, it's basically a dps race. At 75/50/25% he stops doing damage and summons the adds. From what we've seen, he always goes enrage (200% more dmg) at 50%. He stops damage each time he summons adds, so you need to just burst him down to the next add phase (25%) to taper off the damage.

We ran this again last night and decided at 50%, we just weren't going to kill the last add. We left it up and dps'd the boss. He didn't come out of his "no damage" mode until he was at 13%, never summoned the 25% wave, and died shortly thereafter. I know another poster said leaving the adds alive causes some other increased damage debuff, but we never noticed.

TL;DR: He is damageable during the add phase, so even if you kill all of the adds, switch at dps back to him early to assist transitioning to next 25% point faster (where he'll stop doing damage again to summon more adds).