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Do you know how a queue works? First in Queue fights the second. If second dodges fighting the first to fight the third, it's queue dodging.

Maybe I'm in a bad mood, but ya'll need to grow up. Now I'm not saying the current system is fine (in fact I've made cases for cross server queue's and better matchmaking), but this blaming people for "not playing where they should" is ********. You can not call people out on "not wanting competition" when it is clear you do not want competition. If you really wanted it, you'd take the few simple steps it takes to be more competitive. But no... most of you would rather blame other people for your failures, and try and "guilt" them into not being so good, so they don't hurt your "widdle feelwings."

Grow up, gear up and group up before you even have a leg to stand on when you try to call out better players.
it's a forfeit. and I do want competition. there is none. so they get the forfeit. grats. moving on. and if you want to bring this down to the gutter, cry me a "wiver" while you're at it.

i didn't ask to be coddled, here, did I? you want to rofl stomp? meh. let's not and say we did. I forfeit. here's your win. that's the system. don't whine to me about it. don't cry "unfair" and "rebalance" it's obviously how BW wants it cuz rated has been like that since its inception. sound familiar?

seriously though. why is it so one sided? do you really think (back on topic) that giving solos their own queue is such a terrible thing? I'm on a PVE server, and I'm absolutely positive that there are enough premades and solos that it would hardly put a dent into the queue times. iunno what's going on with the other servers. maybe they need another merger or something, cuz JC pops left and right, multiple instances at the same time, for the vast majority of the 24hr day.
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