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11.26.2012 , 09:55 PM | #4
Well I have played 31/0/10 and am currently playing 27/0/14 for death field heals. I run the fortification augments with 2 defense augments to give me 28.83 defense with the rakata endurance/defense buff and fully buffed. 24300 hp and I do ok but I just think the damage boost from expertise which tanks don't do much damage so its not as powerful as a dps with 24% damage boost and I only get 19% damage reduction(which everyone benefits the same from). It just seems to help the dps classes more than the tank classes as far as expertise goes. for instance 24% of 1000 is 240 but 24% of 2000 is 480. DPS is benefiting more from expertise than the tank classes at the moment.