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Ah, well. Thanks for looking into this and giving me some tips on where to look in the future.
No problem, I'm glad to help where I can. I figure if more people pitched in and tried to lend a hand as they went through life, the world would be a more pleasant place.

I just wish we'd been able to figure out an actual solution for your problem, instead of just narrowing things down "the patcher's horking up a hairball." (But yes, at least knowing where to find those sort of diagnostic logs is useful in general!)

Quote: Originally Posted by James_four View Post
Unlike some trolls who have nothing but bad things to say about Bioware or EA or just the game. I trust Bioware. They are most likely already aware of this issue and are working on it. If they are not working on it at present then they are working on other issues and this is on their to do list and it will get fixed as soon as they can.
That's a healthy attitude. As obnoxious as this is, at least it's not a critical one; if it happens every other time, you can at least still get in and play.

I really feel for the folks at BioWare Austin right now, especially the CS folks. The F2P launch has not gone smoothly, and there are lots of angry people. Which is admittedly justified, because there's real actual money being lost now (as opposed to pretend Star Wars credits) what with the introduction of the Cartel Market. Unfortunately, many of those folks seem about ready to try to kill and eat the CS staff unless the yellow names on the forums fix things. And the poor forum CS team almost certainly doesn't have much more information to give anyone; they've got to be drowning right now, and so there's probably very little they can do to calm the loudest/angriest voices.
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