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Hi, I am a Assassin Tank and pvper since the start. I just think the tanks with defense shield and absorb are a little under powered when it comes to pvp. Seems like ever since you changed the expertise percentages I just feel gimped. Why is damage increased higher than damage decreased for expertise? It makes the fully geared dps really powerful and I can't get the decrease I need to beat them. Am I supposed to be a tank? Because it don't feel like it. You should give us an option to trade in our survivor gear for dps gear. Because I played a tank to be a tank, and thats not what I am. I am a low dps connonfodder with 4000 extra life.

Unhappy Tank
I am a full WH Assassin tank, 22/17/2... I got 27.2k HP in my pvp gear and I have no real issues with it. I agree that tank spec should get some more damage reduction (I agree than damage boost is a bit OP compared to the others), but it isn't that bad. I guess it depends on how you spec because I have pretty good survivability. I do **** for DPS, but thats not my role as a tank. Taunt the crap out of everything, guard like your life depends on it.
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