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11.26.2012 , 09:14 PM | #1
Hey, there may be a fair amount of newer players that are unaware of the existence of endgame chat on republic side.

It's a global channel set up by players that works across the whole server (republic specific). There are alot of people in it and we generally use it to find groups to do endgame stuff and monitor it while we play alts. It's a great way of finding people to fill operations groups and also to see if someone needs your main character for a group while you're leveling an alt.

Endgame chat has been going strong on republic side since the launch of the server, and anyone with a level 50 who wants to get in on operations is welcome to join.

Type "/cjoin endgame" to join the channel.

You have to join on each of your characters to be able to see it on that character.

Once you've joined the channel, you can change the color of it from default yellow by right clicking the general tab of your chat window.

See you in game!