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Well that's pretty hypocritical of you then, Foxy. See, the difference is the people "not caring" aren't saying "Well you don't get to play." They are pointing out things you can do to -raise- your competitive level. Where as you are not caring if they get to play at all.

(I'd also like to know how people advoating for matchmaking aren't "caring" who you face. *Sigh*)

Honestly, I lose faith in half the pvp community more and more everyday. <.< as I said before, it really has to do with the larger real life issue... people do not take responsibility for themselves any more.
not hypocritical at all. guild A is, without question, the best on server. anyone who faces them loses. people get tired of being roflstomped and, therefore, stop Qing. I get the idea (from forums) to create relatively balanced teams to face each other -- guild A trolls me, forum flames. iunno. it doesn't stop Guild A from blowing up teams they have no business fighting in the first place. and frankly technically, it's not queue dodging. queue dodging is when you don't queue when you know the "good" guild is on. it's conceding victory and moving on. anyone who doesn't take the pop loses rating and gets zero comms. conceding victory is not Q dodging. it's not exploiting. it's a forfeit. now if two teams just trade wins, that's exploiting. there's a difference between honestly trying to beat each other and trading wins. it's not my fault that the only way to create competitive (as in close/compelling) matches entails occasionally forfeiting a match. and frankly, i've never had a rated or reg opponent ever stop pounding on me. what on earth makes you think you'd get any kind of pity from me for your having to dance around an empty wz?

saying L2P doesn't raise one's skill level. nor does getting spawn camped.

and i'm pretty sure we've covered that fact that grping doesn't mean diddly squat. grping with ppl who are good can teach you something, but most good players only grp with other good players. so good luck chuck.
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