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I started playing again on my Jedi Knight one or two weeks ago. And I was thinking about why Lord Scourge was still hanging around. I don't really remember if he gave me a reason for staying with me after I killed the emperor, can anyone remind me?

But then I also started thinking about how dull it is that you get stuck with companions that totally disagree with your character's behavior and opinions on most topics, and you can't leave them nor affect their personality. Why? If you have to make us stick with these companions at least make us able to affect their morality, like in Kotor.

Why would Scourge stick around when he completely disagree's with everything I do? Why can't I, as a light side Jedi, kick him out (or even capture him, he's a sith for crying out loud) ? And why can't I reprogram HK-51 to be less interested in "deleting" people, and more interested in protecting people?

Gah, well I had to vent somewhere. But I guess my point is, if we have to be stuck with these predetermined companions, at least make us able to affect their personality/morality. Maybe with conversations, actions, or in the case of droids reprogramming.
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