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11.26.2012 , 06:59 PM | #52
It seems like most of the problem is happening to cybertech as my character who it is happening to is a cybertech. Also, I noticed that it seems to only be happening to people who have switched their crafting profession. I was thinking that wasn't the case at first, but then i remembered that i DID change my profession when i was trying to decide which one to pick.

I had trained synthweaving on my Sith inquisitor and then without even leveling it at all, I had switched to cybertech realizing that between me and my other friend, we didn't have a cybertech. I have not had the problem on any of my other characters and neither has my friend; they have never changed their crafting profession.

DEVS THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE AND WILL LIKELY GET MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE GAME OUT OF IT!!!! Crafting is a major part of the game and if we are unable to do that you will lose lots of people.