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So the Gav has gotten to the point where there have been forums created for the entire server to freely log into. As far as I know, no guilds are running progression on their own. The only progression raids happening are raids organised by these forums.
Ahh, that isn't the case at all, Visz run solo, CoR pretty much have the capacity to run solo but have opened their teams to help others, and I'm fairly sure Sun Guard and Praxium are pretty self reliant. What happens on the server forum that has been created is not the be all and end all of the server, it is merely an effort to help everyone on the server achieve their goals for the game. Those who invest time and effort into this seem quite content.

As for the server pop, F2P hasn't had an impact on end game. Other level zones has seen a large influx of players and several returning. Are the APAC servers as healthy as the US? No, they have improved but possibly not quite enough.

In an added note, continued negativity will do nothing to solve anyone's problems. If anything, it will only added to and make existing problems worse. Whilst I understand this situation is frustrating I ask everyone who still gives a damn to remain as positive and constructive as possible. Coming here and saying you simply don't give a **** will do nothing but encourage BW/EA to not give a ****.