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11.26.2012 , 05:46 PM | #3308
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I'll point you to these posts.

We're not asking for the scripts - most of the frustation brewing stems from not knowing how it will work.

- Do we have to stop levelling and/or talking to companions to see it?
- Are people who hit 50 and/or finished the companion arcs out of luck?

If they are dismissing "Reset, resume, or reroll?" with "Dude, spoilers!", that would be very obstinate indeed.
Exactly. We (at least I think the majority of us) simply want to know how it works, not every little detail. What information we are asking for is so minor it would have little to no impact spoilerwise. Yet they won't even address those simple little requests for info and haven't for a year now.

And to top it off until recently we were allowed all of one thread hidden in Story and Lore. Numerous Big Butt Jedi Robes threads, countless music loop threads, hood toggle, chat bubbles ect and this topic is only allowed one (now two) thread(s) and we have gotten NO official word, unlike almost every other topic.

Is it any wonder people are frustrated?

And as has been proven yet again by the more action bars thing, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Time to get to squeaking louder I guess.