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As a preferred player I'll now be playing SWTOR due to this change. It won't be my primary MMO but I'll play it in my spare time and I'll probably give EA a few more dollars.
personally i hate EA, so i see it as Bioware gets a few more dollars, EA is ... well a big company that just care for "money" witch is ok for a company stand point, still they don't always do things for the good of the games.
like "origin" for fok sake EA give it up, your never gonna be like "Steam" is now !! i'm not gonna install yet an other game manager to play games on my computer, i just avoid games on origin for that reason.! Steam is more then k and i don't need a second game manager. that said i'm very happy i don't "NEED" origin running to play SWTOR. anyways i'm sidetracking here yea nice move on the extra bars.

l'll probably keep paying for a sub, cus this game deserves nothing less, but that's me so this change won't affect me personally but i'm happy for the players that do benefit from it.
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