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11.26.2012 , 04:05 PM | #1
So I'm trying to figure what the two BiS relics for tk sages in pve are? I actually had 3 in mind and I cant decide which 2 I should use. I know that willpower is the most important attribute for us. So I was thinking matrix cube should definitely be used because it gives +66 willpower and +27 crit rating. The other two I have in mind are the dread guard relic of dark radiance and war hero relic of boundless ages. dread guard relics proc rate is %30 and hits for 210 internal damage and it gives a static +47 power. But the war hero(I know war heroes are actually for pvp) gives a static +113 power which sounds really good to me. I would appreciate it if yall can help me decide.

by the way i dont like the relics that gives extra power when you use them. I keep forgetting to put them in my rotation and dps goes down because of it. if i use a dread guard it should be one with proc rating.