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Name: Markos Ventillius Draynek
Race: Zabrak
Age: 39
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 135
Profession: Sith Warrior
Primary weapons: Two black red lightsabers
Secondary weapons: The Force

Appearance: Red Skin, black tribal tattoos on face and arms, no hair.

Bio: Born on Dathomir a strong force user and fierce combatant, Markos was the pride of his village. He grew up facing many trials his tattoos proof of what he had accomplished. When he was discovered by the Sith he was sent to the academy on Korriban excelling in their teachings. Amazing the instructors he was offered a rare opportunity for one such as himself. The chance to become Darth Howls Apprentice. Over the years that followed he excelled in infiltrating enemy ranks and causing chaos. Then ten years ago he was requested to go into deep cover for the empire. He would mask his
identity to all those around him hiding his abilities and all other things tying himself to the empire to become a senator of a backwater Republic planet, over zealous with his hatred of Mandalorians, to start a war between the two. Eventually galactic events prevented him from ever coming close to that goal. But the empire needed a sith with his skills on the inside to steal a Republic superweapon for the Empire, a space station pulled together from Rakatan tech.