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Really is this what Flashpoints have come to? I got kicked from SM Foundry for being "woefully undergeared (dps)" with custom gear rated 88 and prototype implants and +41 color crystals. I was 3 levels higher then the min level for the FP, is that really "woefully undergeared"?

I can understand being worried about an undergeared member of an Ops or HM run but SM Foundry?
That's really too bad. I assume the tank kicked you? There are people who just value gear and not actual skills of the player. and are quite rude about it. Everyone has gotten kicked at one point or another for a dumb reason. Fortunately, 95% of the players do not act this way. I was in SM TFB last night for the first time, and the players were all super nice and helpful regarding my "noobness" in this operation.
What's the saddest thing you'vv ever seen in SWTOR?