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Quote: Originally Posted by Selenial View Post
I'm Sorry. This has gotten beyond a joke, ive re read this thread quite a lot now and I have to chime in...

You keep referring to Rayla as no better than a Revan Fanboy/girl, but there are massive differences between her and the revan fanboys.
She backs up her arguments with actual canon, not the bull **** "Mastered Light and Dark" like the revan lovers, she uses facts that aren't even debatable, and i think thats why you dislike her. Most of the things she has said in this thread have been correct, canon arguments. While she may be an Exile fangirl (And trust me, she is) it doesnt make her arguments any less valid.
The fact that even after she said shed asked 4 times for you to stop this conversation, you STILL had to have the last word, shows how truely hypocritical you are.

Just my two cents.
Wow, you arrived a little late to the party.

I am a "Revan lover", but what you said does not represent me. I've never said this bull about Revan "mastering both light and dark."

As for you thinking that everything she says is canon, I've already made my argument against that, and I won't go into it again because, like you said, Rayla asked Mefit to quit it several times.

I notice your post seems aimed at Mefit. If so, then please list his name instead of listing all "revan lovers."

Overall, your reply really tempts me to get back into this argument, but I will refrain statrting this argument back up again. If you had read this entire thing you would have noticed that we'd ended our debate a while ago.

BUT if you really want to start this up again, then I'll gladly defend my statements concerning Rayla's Revan argument status. Also: I never said I "disliked" her. I simply strongly disagree with her on this single subject.