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This. So many players are decked out in bh, or columi gear just from dashing through the dailies (I did the same thing myself on my first toon, and you can really tell) withought ever learning how to do pulls properly, or really getting the team is supposed to function, or how to pay attention to boss mechanics while fulfilling their rolls. A little practice would do wonders.
I have been in groups where almost everyone is in at least bh gear cause they all had 18k plus hp and decided to try the bonus boss (droid) in koan under seige. Now, I KNOW how to do this fight, did it with the guild when I was in all columi, but this group wipe twice on him before saying forget it, lets just finish this thing. You know how sad that is?

These people got carried through flashpoints by people who where over geared and just wanted to run through the instance. And it's happened so many times that they too have some black hole gear from daily run comms. As long as there are rewards for people who out gear an instance, we will continue to see this trend. Cause in the end, why should the person who out gears the instance care about anything in there or the other people in there? The prize for them is at the end of the race and thats all they care about. It's a shame because all this does is hurt the people who really need to be there.
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