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I'm Sorry. This has gotten beyond a joke, ive re read this thread quite a lot now and I have to chime in...

You keep referring to Rayla as no better than a Revan Fanboy/girl, but there are massive differences between her and the revan fanboys.
She backs up her arguments with actual canon, not the bull **** "Mastered Light and Dark" like the revan lovers, she uses facts that aren't even debatable, and i think thats why you dislike her. Most of the things she has said in this thread have been correct, canon arguments. While she may be an Exile fangirl (And trust me, she is) it doesnt make her arguments any less valid.
The fact that even after she said shed asked 4 times for you to stop this conversation, you STILL had to have the last word, shows how truely hypocritical you are.

Just my two cents.
The Mandalorian Wars were a series of massacres that masked another war, a war of conversion. Culminating in a final atrocity that no Jedi could walk away fromů save one.
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