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11.26.2012 , 02:57 PM | #171
As an addendum to my report:

Similar issue to other posters : This did not happen before when I subbed from Launch to June this year. The updates appear to have broken the game. My GPU is an Athlon 64x2 so maybe not fantastic. However my Nvidia GTX 550 Ti is more than capable of pushing polygons and I have 3 MB Ram.

Also a fantastic bug thats possibly related to the reliabilty of the game. Two days ago I logged into my level 50 shadow and was greeted by ONE UI bar and a game that insisted I was a F2P player and had to pay to unlock the other five bars. Ironically as the game insisted I hadnt just paid 8.99 to resub I couldn't submit a help request.
Fabulous :0

On relogging it decided that apparently my money was good now but I had to reset my UI customisation, replace all my numerous skills on the bars and then got my introductory email, Digital Deluxe items and my tauntam ram pet all over again. Got to love this Free to Play (cough) transition.. silky
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