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Nar Shaddaa

The ramp of the stolen Fury-Class Interceptor lowered, falling the last few feet and slamming into the hard ground. The ship had clearly been through a lot recently, as blaster damage was apparent across the bow of the ship. Dredd stepped down the right side of the ramp, suddenly jumping off the side about halfway down, turning his attention immediately to the Hydraulics that allowed the ramp to raise and lower.

Kriff it. Lose my last ship, and get stuck with this piece of junk. He gave the ramp a swift kick and shook his head in disgust.

"Well...suppose I'd better let Arthen know I'm back." The tall warrior thought aloud as he loosened the straps on his armor, paying no attention to the surrounding area.

"Already here, been wondering when you'd get back," Arthen spoke aloud, coming from the door. "How went mission?"

"Cole, you're speaking fast again," Dredd sighed, turning towards him.

Arthen paused, shook his head, and looked back at Dredd. "I apologize. My mind works faster when I ignore pronouns and 'fluff' words. It's quite useful during experiments."

Dredd smiled slightly at that, his scientist friend definitely hadn't changed a bit since their last meeting.

"I bet it is." Dredd responded as the smile slid from his face, the look replacing it was all business. "Things didn't go exactly as expected, and Senator Y'Zen now lies dead."

Arthen arched an eyebrow. "I believe I ordered the assassin to fail. What exactly happened?"

"I killed Y'Zen." He replied instantly, a slight trace of contempt in his words.

"You killed the Senator. Not the assassin?"

"Stop Assassin from killing the Senator. Exact words." Dredd retorted without a flinch. "I did that."

"So, you did the killer's job for him?"

"Essentially." He admitted in an unapologetic tone. "She was playing us, and was working with her own interests in mind, and would have turned on us in a second. I removed the threat."

"Do you have proof of this? Did you at least frame the assassin?" Arthen quietly asked.

"Y'zen met with a Sith the night before her death. She turned on the Republic, and she would have turned on us. Who knows what she said to that Sith, about me, or about you." He turned directly towards the Scientist. "I made a judgement call, Y'zen is dead, the result is permanent." Dredd continued, still no apology in his voice. "After her death I stole the Sith's ship, and it's sitting right behind you."

"The Assassin?" Arthen asked again, unblinking.

Dredd sighed, this part of the mission had been a terrible failure.

"There was no time to frame him," Dredd sighed, disappointment obvious on his face. "Or end him. He'll collect the blood money, and won't be an issue. Let's hope that is enough to get any interested parties off of my tail, and onto his."

"Unacceptable." Arthen moved away from Dredd, walking back towards the entrance, pausing halfway. "The Assassin was not to succeed in his mission, and the Senator was to live. Both objectives were failed, one quite spectacularly," he continued. "However, in light of the Senator's newfound loyalties, I've decided to only dock half of your pay. I expected better of you, Dredd. Especially after I lifted you from that pisshole of a city."

This comment set the warrior's teeth on edge. It was an attack, and it hit close to home, but losing Arthen's favor was the last thing he wanted, without the odd little scientist and his goals he didn't know where he would be.

Actually I do, I'd be long dead...likely in a gutter somewhere.

"I don't need your credits." Dredd scowled, blood rushing to his face. "You of all people know that."

"Indeed. So, why do you wish to disappoint me so?" Arthen sighed, "Enough of this. I have another assignment for you, when you're ready."

"I'm ready now." The scowl instantly leaving the tall man's face. "Give me the target."

"A holocron, covered in Rataka symbols, letting off a faint lavender glow. I recently let the whole galaxy know I wanted it, so there's bound to be others reaching for it. If any freelancers have it, get them to me. Alive. If anyone else has it, pry it from their hands, warm or cold." Arthen turned to leave, tossing a hologram of the holocron towards Dredd. "Don't disappoint me."

Dredd caught the hologram, and stared at the rotating holocron, the rotating symbols were almost mesmerizing.

"I won't."