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I have never been in a pre-made where we farm at respawn point and certainly never seen anybody trash talking, we don't approve of that. Who have you seen trash talking?
It was a month and a half or two ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Only 2 of the premade engaged in trash talking but everyone on the opposite team engaged in farming us at the spawn except 2 pugs guarding one door each. I kind of was like woah a Coral premade trash talking because that's not something you ever see. I figured it just was some immature members. I did take a screenshot of it but when I checked the screen shot folder it wasn't there. I have issues with screen shots not being taken if the client has been open too long. And since we won I didn't really pay much more attention. I figured it was a lesson to never relax and engage in degenerate behavior. As for who it was I think it was probably an operative healer.