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Even without lucky shots, that's still a bit low for crit. I don't know what your willpower is but If I use 2000 as a guess value, you've only got about 160 crit rating. People generally say 300 is a good value to shoot for, and after that diminishing returns start to kick in more heavily. Even if you don't want to go all the way to 300, you're still missing a good chunk of crit rating for ideal itemization.
I personally wouldn't go anywhere near that high on min/maxed gear. 123 is just about perfect to let's me have a 35.00% force critical chance with an exotech stim and raid buffs, which ensures I get enough crits from healing trance to avoid the debuff on noble sacrifice. Other than that, power power and more power is what I want.

EDIT: I should point out that I mean for PvE gear. For PvP, I could see going with much higher crit and alacrity ratings, since you heal less frequently due to all the CCs, stuns, interrupts, and kiting, and thus could use bigger, quicker heals.