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11.26.2012 , 01:18 PM | #1
Hello everyone,

So i have a lvl 50 SW Jugg with Vengeance Spec ( PVE - DPS).
I have almost full black hole gear except for 3 pieces that are rakata.

For the past month i have used augmentation kits to every piece and i have been using Might Augments on all of them. (Strength + Endurance).
But now, with the latest patch we have some new campaign armoring which had brought some confusion.
So i am thinking on replacing all armoring with the new campaign ones, but that brought me a question.

What augments should i use now? keep might ones ? replace them by Overkill ones ( Endurance+Power) ? maybe a mixture of both? or what should i buy ?

What are the possible best augments to use with full black hole gear with replacement armorings for Jugg Dps?
Thank you