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Heh of course you are going to defend this as you people are the ones doing it, probably guild members to (i could be wrong of course as i have no idea who you are).

This is no diferent then the schoolyard bully griving that dork just because he can and calling it sport and how he is better.

But of course i am aware there is no point arguing this. Just felt like posting my opinion on this issue. Going to end it here.

Oh and it does not matter why he is doing it if that is the end result. He ends up grieving other people... I bet he is calling it just having some fun... Meh who cares.

EDIT: oh and i did not even stated why he is doing that. You called me immature for a diferent reason then that as the post you quoted had NOTHING about that.

Have a good day.
Man up. Or at least keep your butthurtness in one thread.