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Quote: Originally Posted by ThatGnome View Post
What story spoilers are they (Gaider and Chee) giving out?

Are SGRs story content?

Is there a conclusion to be drawn from this?
I'll point you to these posts.

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I just logged into my Jedi Knight thinking I'd play her for a little while before dinner... Then I spotted Kira standing on the bridge of the ship, with her "talk to me" sign over her head. I sighed and then logged out.

I have a few characters in the same situation at the moment. I wish they'd hurry up and tell us how SGRA are going to work for older characters.
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Same here. I have a level 50 female sorc and haven't had any talks with Ashara yet. Waiting in hopes for SGRA here.
And my female warrior is in wait to talk to Jaesa.
We're not asking for the scripts - most of the frustation brewing stems from not knowing how it will work.

- Do we have to stop levelling and/or talking to companions to see it?
- Are people who hit 50 and/or finished the companion arcs out of luck?

If they are dismissing "Reset, resume, or reroll?" with "Dude, spoilers!", that would be very obstinate indeed.