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11.26.2012 , 12:45 PM | #6
LOL and SWTOR are vastly different games. Comparing their PVP rewards system is like comparing apples to wall plaster. Completely different.

While I, personally, prefer horizontal rewards from PVP I'd like to put forward a few things that seem to be overlooked:

1.) Software development (including games) is not easy. One can not just wave a wand and *VOILA* something is created.

2.) Character classes in SWTOR are significantly more complex than LOL Champions. For starters, you have more than 4-5 abilities. A lot more. So, while adding a champion is relatively easy in LOL, it is significantly more challenging to create a new player class in an MMO that is ready for balanced PVP gameplay.

So, when you combine those 2 points, I think it pretty well spells out why this is not going to happen. At least not any time soon. It would take significant effort to change SWTOR PVP to more closely mirror LOL or even GW2's semi-comparable PVP system.

Why? Because SWTOR wasn't built to support systems like those, and developing those systems takes a lot of developmental resources. Resources that are limited and tied up in other tasks.

My (very rough) guesstimate--as someone that works in software development--that retooling the PVP system to reflect anything remotely close to what you're suggesting would take at minimum 6-12 months with a large number of resources dedicated to it. It would probably take much longer, and it ties up smaller projects that could be accomplished in a smaller timeframe while still providing "fresh, new content".