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11.26.2012 , 12:34 PM | #3
I have a well geared commando, and am leveling a slinger. Both are helpful....commandos can CC any target, stun with cryo grenade, and have both very strong AoE and single-target attacks. Plus they can re-spec for heals if needed. While slingers have good AoEs, great burst damage, and can CC droids without a cooldown. And their bubble is very prized for fights with heavy AoE damage phases.

Overall though, I prefer my commando, mostly because I find the cover mechanic annoying to deal with. And while my commando isn't exactly mobile, he does seem more mobile than most slingers. Commando is also quicker/easier to level, since you get a healer pet and all of your AoE attacks very early. Or if you prefer running with a ranged DPS pet, you start with one.