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I would definitely prefer more fluff rewards or additional incentive to PVP other than gear, but the bottom line is that vertical gear progression is effective at getting players in warzones and is the traditional model for these types of games. Participation and numbers are key.
I understand that some level of progression is acceptable, even in Legue of Legends you need to get your summoner level to 30, but reaching that cap is pretty easy and once you get there is a leveled playing field for everyone.

What does adding a new set of gear and discontinuing the old gear accomplishes? War Hero is the new Battlemaster, and if you want to remain competitive you have to grind for a new recolored War Hero set with bigger stat numbers, but ultimately it doesn't change the PVP experience in any meaningful way, it's not new content and it doesn't add variety at all, only grind, it's the worst way to artificially prolong the gameplay experience.

One of the reasons I'm going F2P is because I don't see the value in these kinds of updates and I honestly think that it would be better if they didn't even add the new gear, at least your current gear wouldn't be rendered useless.