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1. Jar Jar Binks - yes, I said it. Without this guy Palpatine would have never got into power and those blasted arrogant Jedi would never have got extinct. Go Jar Jar!

2. Count Dooku - I agree with Aurbere here, even in the TCW he doesn't get much attention. He's just that guy, you know, who pretended to be in charge? No you don't remember? Oh well....

3. Darth Traya - Everyone admits she is awesome in every way, and yet only me and lokdron have her in our sigs! Whats going on! She likes the most quotable character ever! Respect her! Oh and I never see her in Top 10 Sith threads. Why, just why.

4. Darth Plagueis - Read the book, he's awesome. 50% of Sidious's 'master' plan was down to him.

Thats all I got.
Add in Odan-Urr and you're good. Seriously, just wiki him or wait for me to release The Great Hyperspace War or a character thread on him. I'm seriously serious. If I was anymore serious, I'd be Mace Windu.
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