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11.26.2012 , 12:07 PM | #6
Glad you found it useful. Make sure to check all of Oozo's swtor videos, his lvl 35+ videos also have commentaries and you can get a better picture about why he does the things he does. Oozo is a true master and i've been following him ever since his first videos in WoW (some 7 years ago), he has tons of experience and great judgment in dealing with different situations, inhuman reflexes, top notch awareness, and he's one of the best guys you can learn from. I know i learned a lot from him.

Getting the hang of your class takes time and practice, i'm sure you'll see what suits your style more, you may go for a tank build or a full damage build or maybe even another class, though BH/PT is quite awesome from many points of view -- looks, abilities, story, companions. Make sure not to mention Mako to your wife, though.