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11.26.2012 , 11:43 AM | #69
Overall I feel that Nightmare EC is a letdown in 8m and even in 16m to an extent. The only fight that seems almost appropriate to be labeled nightmare is kephess.
Toth and Zorn - a little more health and dmg with a baradium poisoning debuff that ticks for 3.5k dmg but can be removed by using a medpac. Really bioware you thought that would make the fight challenging? It's a loot pinata way too easy and not worthy of being called nightmare mode.
Tanks - okay so DD/incinerates happen more often and now 1 mob gets a jetpack explosion when he dies to destroy the shield. Still an easy fight and the whole add exploding is easily countered by having a tank pull the mob out or by having a sniper knock it out and away from shields. Really not a nightmare at least in 8m 16m is apparently a bit rougher but still not worthy of nightmare mode.
Colonel "here is your free loot" Vorgath - An absolute joke in nightmare mode. Even easier than HM since he no longer even casts overloads. The orbital strike dmg on the defuser is a joke and the increased dmg in final phase is pretty much a joke. Thanks for the free loot drops bioware. Definitely not worthy of nightmare mode title.
Kephess- rail shot droids the meh...I love that you make us use an interupt rotation in first phase on droids. I like what you did with adding an extra warrior on the trando adds shield phase makes dps have to pay attention and be spot on. the dmg that kephess does is pretty good, but the pulling in the tank with breath on it actually makes the fight slightly easier. It's actually a decent fight, but could be better to offer a real challenge in 8m though it sounds like 16m is providing adequate challenge as still no guilds have cleared it.

For being promised that we would see completely new and different mechanics and a difficulty level that only the best of the guilds would be able to clear I feel extremely ripped off. It feels pretty much like NMM EV and KP...10% more hps and dmg. I really hope bioware steps it up with NMM TFB or that they just stop even bothering with these attempts at nightmare.